Kickstarter Group

It is a well-known fact that doing business in Nigeria can be very difficult and only the determined and strategic survive. The players in this defined space being mostly young companies with exotic innovations and inspirations, constrained by funding and in some cases, an absence of capacity, Perchstone & Graeys ‘Kickstarter Group’ aims to assist these ‘small’ yet innovative players survive and succeed despite the difficult ‘doing business’ space. Being a law firm with almost 20-year experience doing business in Nigeria, Perchstone & Graeys is well positioned to provide the requisite crucial advice, having developed first-hand experience with regards to ‘what can work’ and ‘what cannot’.

Overtime the firm has assisted and supported new businesses, SMEs and start-ups actualise their ‘dream’ and potential, on the back of its experience and connections/influence. An added plus are the numerous connections developed over the years with the private sector, government, multilateral agencies, and foreigners (India for example) which may prove invaluable to the success of the companies and the ability to secure funding (locally or internationally; private or public). The Kickstarter Group aims to assist this process and ‘kick-start’ innovative start-ups, all shades of entrepreneurs and emerging growth companies, in structuring, finance and private/public – local/international relations.