Private Clients

The Private Client department of the firm specializes in wealth management and transfer and succession planning. The team pays special attention to the affairs of individual clients and trustees, planning and managing all aspects of their finances, including wills and probate, onshore and offshore trusts, and tax matters.

The firm has an unparalleled private clients’ practice which is tailored to meet the wealth management and succession planning needs of high net worth individuals. It recently concluded workshop themed: Achieving Thriving Succession & Estate Planning Solutions In An Ever-Evolving World, as a forum for enlightening select high-net individuals on effective wealth accumulation, preservation and transmission techniques for the 21st century. This it hosted in conjunction with two foreign partners: a full-service law firm providing its clients with a professional and highly effective legal service, located in London and Brighton; and a wealth management and strategic solutions company with representation in the European Union, West Africa and Eastern Europe, with an in-depth knowledge of the financial sectors across a number of jurisdictions.

Perchstone and Graeys also advices on specific legal issues as well as on commercial and property matters that affect charitable organisations and the establishment of charities.