"We hereby express our profound appreciation to your organization for your professional advice and involvement in this case. It has really been an eye opener and pleasant surprise to know that a highly rated firm like yours is willing to represent the less privileged in the society by taking up their case without charge. We really want to say a big THANK YOU and KUDOS to you."

At Perchstone & Graeys, our practice of the law is not motivated solely for commercial gain but is also fueled by a passion for social justice. The firm maintains a strong focus on corporate social responsibility and is regularly engaged in activities aimed at extending a hand of support in the lives of indigent members of the society through the application of the law.

The firm’s Prison Ministry came to actuality as an initiative aimed to provide free legal representation to individuals unlawfully detained without trial in our country's prisons. The firm’s intervention has overtime received appreciation, as its actions culminated in the discharge of an unlawfully detained person.